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The introduction of modern management mode,And complete set of processing and testing equipment abroad,Strict precision control of mold production process quality。

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Respect for customers,Understanding the customer,Create value for customers,Is our service tenet,With all my heart、Conscientious of aggravation for customers is our service concept。

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A“Heart”,Together“Spell it”,Will be“To win”。

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The introduction of high-level personnel,Development of low pressure,Mould decoration,Double color,Highlights,Avoid spraying injection mold production technology, etc。

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Toyota-480B The skylight

Saic gm-K256 Defrosting duct

The public-U79 Engine pipeline

The public-VW421 Headlamps

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Yancheng strong yao molding technology co., LTD,Is one specialized is engaged in the plastic mold manufacturing and plastic products manufacturing enterprises。The company was founded in2011Years,Covers an area of70Mu,Investment8000More than ten thousand yuan。Plant a phase of the construction area15000Square meters,Company existing staff120People。The company has a professional technical team,Including a number of foreign authoritative mold and mold flow analysis gold experts,Mastered the excellent mold design、Manufacturing standards and experience。

Technical capabilities

Mould technology center

Research and development center has a perfect car inside and outside decoration design ability and development ability,With production design、The project、Laboratory personnel20...

Mould technology is applied to the center of mould manufacturing business of technology and craft standard unified arrangement,Clearly established category、Cover the full ...

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How to win a new international campaign parts enterprises
In the first half of the year,China's passenger car market“The sudden cold”And the commercial vehicle market“Big heat”In stark contrast,The auto parts market development is relatively stable,Double-digit growth is still。According to the China association of automobile manufacturers,This year1~5Month,Statistics13119Auto parts enterprises accumulated for the main business income15847.43One hundred million yuan,Year-on-year growth12.47%;The total amount of profit1206.92One hundred million yuan,Year-on-year growth14.65%。 From the data,In the first half of this year China's auto parts industry handed over a satisfactory“The transcript”。At the same time,Spare parts industry
The status quo of China's auto parts industry
Auto parts manufacturing industry as the basis of the auto industry,Support is a necessary ingredient to a sustained and healthy development of the automotive industry。As the world economy globalization,Especially the continuous development of auto parts purchase globalization,Auto parts manufacturing industry has become more and more important in the position in the industry。 China is in auto parts industry“Weaving”、“The ninth”During the period,Through the technology import parts enterprises、Transformation,Separated from the vehicle manufacturers,And by reducing the cost、Improve the production process、Improve the quality of products、Enhance the product competitiveness and gradually developed。With the improvement of technical level and production management level,Form a home
The China association of automobile manufacturers call for auto industry attaches great importance to the quality、Attaches great importance to the brand、Attaches great importance to the service
CCTV3.15Party on imported Volkswagen touareg pushes water result in the damage to the engine remains the engine safety problem for exposure。The China association of automobile manufacturers strongly condemns any ignore the behavior of consumers' rights and interests,At the same time called for industry enterprises in conducting business activities,Should always give top priority to the interests of consumers,Attaches great importance to product quality and safety,Earnestly implement enterprise after-sales responsibility,Guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,For the industry to establish a good social image。 At present,Our country has become the biggest auto market in the world,2017In domestic car sales2887.9Thousands of cars,Continuous9Years maintenance

Auto parts research and development center